Monthly Archives: May 2010

Avoiding Drama With Your BFF (and Everybody Else)

I learned back in middle school not to take someone else’s word for who or how another person is. Had I not learned that lesson early, and decided to choose my friends – or not – based solely on my own experiences with a person, I would’ve missed out on a friendship that was mostContinue Reading

Sentimental vs. Stylish

I’m cleaning up my website, which is a lot like cleaning up my room (translation: not that much fun) and I’ve realized that this little story, as much as I love it, can’t continue to have its own page on my new website. Well…it can, but I won’t end up with the pretty, well-organized roomContinue Reading

Happy Anniversary

I couldn’t find a card I liked — I never can when I really need to! SOOOoooo, here I am, in the hope that this will do: Happy anniversary, with love and gratitude, to my husband who has — miraculously! — managed to put up with me for the past 15+ years, most of whichContinue Reading