Monthly Archives: June 2010

Super-Dad to the Rescue

I got everything I ever wanted for my sixth birthday. I got a silk-like, sky-blue nightgown with ruffles. I got to go to the county fair. I got to eat cotton candy. And I got to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl to my heart’s content – which means I rode the Tilt-A-Whirl until my brain swam Tilt-A-WhirlContinue Reading

I Don’t Do Facebook

Okay, here’s the thing: When I offered to stalk your crush on Facebook for you, I was kidding. I don’t actually stalk people on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook. Or Twitter. Why not? Because… 1.) I have enough trouble keeping up with my email. Facebook and Twitter are email on crack. 2.) I take myContinue Reading

The Benefit of the Doubt

Remember when I said (in my last blog posting) that I give my friends the benefit of the doubt because they are my friends? Well, first, let me define “friend”. A friend is someone who loves you, someone who would be there if you really needed them, someone who’s honest with you, wants what’s bestContinue Reading