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Were You at WalMart Last Night?

Were you, by chance, at WalMart last night? Because I was, and it seemed to me that everybody else in the world was there, too. Of course, we were all there for the same reason: to buy school supplies. But since I hate all shopping and put it off as long as possible – untilContinue Reading

Random Thought Thursday

Guess what, friends? It’s Random Thought Thursday! (What? That is totally a thing. Because it’s my blog and I’m making it a thing. Today. It’s called Artistic License, people. Take some for yourself. Really. Go ahead. I don’t mind. What? It’s Saturday? Well, I’m calling it Thursday. Artistic License, I tell you. Stop being soContinue Reading

I Highly Recommend Oars

Over the Fourth of July weekend, my family and I hopped in our boat and headed up to a nearby marina for dinner on the lake. It was nice. UNTIL we started home. Our engine sputtered and coughed like it was dying a painful death, and then…it died. So, there we were floating in theContinue Reading

Hooray for Summer!

10 Reasons I Am Loving Summer: Kentucky mornings… The canopy of leaves on my favorite stretch of road… The occasional rainy late afternoon nap… Kentucky evenings… Local farmers’ market… Fairs and festivals… Just this morning, my daughter hopped on her bike and joined a parade! Fireworks! My daughter’s stage debut as a swan — Aaaaawww!Continue Reading

Hooray for Summer!

Continue Reading