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Mimi & Poppy

He never stopped referring to her as his “bride.” They met when they were seven-years-old, as the top two students in their class. They were fast friends, best friends, who could be seen walking to and from school together from grade school until they graduated high school. (He always asked to see her report cards.Continue Reading


Lynn Plourde has honored dogs—and the people who love them—in her new novel, Maxi’s Secrets (or, What You Can Learn from a Dog). I began tearing up on page 1, but the tears didn’t actually fall until page 2! That’s because we’re asked to accept a hard truth right up front: “Having Maxi in myContinue Reading

Winning the Doggie-Lottery

On October 28, 2003, I went to visit a dog at the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society. They brought the three-year-old dog, Duchess, who’d been at the shelter longer than any other dog, out to play with me in a grassy area. But Duchess didn’t play. Instead, she came to sit next to me, leaning her entireContinue Reading

Remembering Mama Joy

You probably shouldn’t read this. I’m not feeling very fun or funny or even slightly entertaining these days. I’d pretty much decided not to blog, but then I thought my parents – and perhaps a few prison inmates – might worry and wonder what had become of me. (Thank you for your concern, parents andContinue Reading