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Come On Over

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t get what I deserved as a parent—sorry, Mom and Dad! But I HAVE learned a lot from my daughter, Laurel Grace, who graduated from high school (with highest honors) in May, and then immediately set out on a mission trip to Cambodia, to workContinue Reading

From The Queen Mother

Since it’s Mother’s Weekend—because one day is obviously not enough to adequately recognize and honor mothers—and since I am a mother, I have pretty much declared myself The Queen Mother of this weekend (at my house, at least). Look, it’s not like I’m asking anyone to bow at my feet, or massage my feet, orContinue Reading

Give ’em some love, y’all.

A call came in from my daughter’s school a couple of weeks ago while my daughter was at school. No, my daughter wasn’t sick. No, she wasn’t in any sort of trouble. No, there was no problem whatsoever. So, basically, I was tricked into answering the phone. After The Phone Incident, I called my husband,Continue Reading