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Katrina Williams

is just such a librarian. I first heard from Katrina, a librarian in New York, after she’d stayed up late one night reading Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & the Challenges of Bad Hair. She then generously took the time to email and tell me how much she loved the book, and that she was aboutContinue Reading

Jennifer Owen

is just such a librarian. From Dr. Seuss Day parades to puppet shows, she makes reading fun and exciting! Additionally, she pays close attention to her students, cares about each and every one, and actively looks for ways to help, in her own quiet way. When she noticed that one of her students was beingContinue Reading

Alaine Carpenter

is just such a librarian. She has blessed me beyond measure, as a reader, a writer, and a friend. She has recommended books and given me books. She has tirelessly recommended my books to others. When I thought my writing career might really be over and didn’t know what in the world to do, I went toContinue Reading